Information on Rhinoplasty in Las Vegas

How is the consultation conducted?

For any surgery of the nose it will take 2 consultations.
During the first consultation we will be interested in:

The function of the nose: if there is a respiratory discomfort (permanent, transient, on one side or both) and if the partition is deflected.

The shape of the nose: the presence of a bump, the length and projection of the nose, the presence or absence of a deviation, the shape and definition of the tip of the nose.

The nose in the face and the position of the chin.

At the end of this consultation photos are taken.
A prescription for a nasal septum scanner is given to the patient.
The information sheet (downloadable on this page) is given to the patient as well as an estimate.
During the 2nd consultation:

The scanner is analyzed.
A simulation of the nose (“morphing”) is discussed with the patient.
The intervention

At the end of these two consultations, either a “global” Rhinoplasty, a Rhinoplasty “the tip of the nose”, a “Septoplasty” or a “Rhinoseptoplasty” will be scheduled. It is also called a nose job or a rhinoplasty Las Vegas.

The procedure takes place at the Clinique du Val d’Ouest in Ecully.

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia in Lyon, either on an outpatient basis or with a night of hospitalization.

Intervention can be done through the inside of the nose (hidden scar), or by a small 4 mm external scar at the base of the nose.

At the end of the procedure, flexible braces are placed in the nose for 48 hours and an external splint is set up for 10 days.

The intervention will act on the bones and cartilages of the nose. The skin that covers the nose will then “adapt” gradually with time.

The end result is appreciated after one year.

Septoplasty is the procedure that will act on the nasal septum and sometimes on the inferior cornets (mucous formations present in the nasal cavities). The purpose of the septoplasty is to correct respiratory discomfort and / or deviation of the nose.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia generally as an outpatient.
Intervention is done through the inside of the nose (hidden scar).
Soft silicone splints are left in place for 7 to 8 days.

Rhinoseptoplasty, is the combination of the two interventions.
Operating suites

In the vast majority of cases, the nose is not worn at the end of the procedure.
When a Septoplasty has been performed, flexible silicone splints are placed in place for one week.
Nose washes are to be made during a fortnight.
Strips are placed on the nose and removed after one week.
A splint (formerly “plaster”) is placed on the nose for a week.

Septoplasty is supported by social security.
Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic surgery for which there can be no management.